The Chronicles of Boredom was born in 2006 and debuted on Friendster – yes, I am old so shush. I had just finished school and had lots of time to kill but had no money and was unemployed. The thing that bums me about poverty is not the deprivation of material pleasures, but the amount of free time and the lack of resources to amuse myself. It was mind-numbing. So, to trick myself that I was productive, I decided to write a blog. Yes kids, we, the older generation, blogged. But we did not call it blogging. We called it creative non-fiction.

I imposed on myself a quota of one entry per week. The first few entries were about my angst and the drama I created in my life. That pool eventually dried up so I decided to take interest in things other than myself – I wrote movie and TV reviews, tried out some activities, read books, and explored ideas. My self-imposed quota forced me to do, see, hear, read, and try new things so that I could have something to write about. I learned to observe my own actions and how I interacted with other people. I became more observant.

I produced 35 entries, which are all mercifully stored in my hard drives and can no longer be used as evidence of my lack of taste(although until now, my tastes are still questionable but have vastly improved). Eventually, I had to stop because work, professional commitments, life, and especially ambition, got in the way. Oh, Facebook also came along and Friendster went bankrupt.

I never actually stopped writing but they were mostly Facebook posts (some of which are recycled here) and meandering photo captions. Friends encouraged me to create a blog so that I can write about my travel experiences, observations, and gluttony. Friends observed that I have uploaded literally thousands of photos on social media (yes, I’m that type of person). Surely, these photos have uses other than as props for my humble-bragging.

So, one night, I decided to buy my own domain and go at it again. I needed to work on something that is very personal and has nothing to do with my job and professional commitments. I’ve always found solace in writing, despite the work that it takes just to produce decent paragraphs and sentences. This site will be my way of convincing myself that I have a life in the midst of the crushing routine of adulthood.